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Through the Decades: Top Oral Health Concerns by Age | Overland Park Family Dentist

Life is an incredible journey that we all take together. At every stage of our lives, our teeth, smiles, and overall dental health help to support us in our relationships, in our careers, and in every aspect of our lives. That’s why it’s important to maintain good oral health (and good oral care habits) as the years go by.

Your Overland Park dentist has broken down a few of the most common oral health concerns at every age and lets you know what you can do about them. We start with young children because we’ve already discussed dental care for infants and toddlers in another article.

At ages 3 to 6: It’s time to find a dental provider, such as Watts Family Dental in Overland Park, who can help provide regular checkups and dental care for the rest of your child’s life. Sticking with one dentist helps children become comfortable with going to the dentist, which can help set them up for a lifetime of good oral health.

By age 7: It’s never anyone’s favorite thing, but around age 7 is when orthodontic evaluations should begin. This will help to determine if there’s any need for orthodontics or other early interventions that can prevent crooked or gapped teeth or other problems down the road.

During the preteen years: Children are at greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease during adolescence. The onset of puberty can also bring hormone changes that can affect dental health. This is also when children begin to form dietary habits that they will carry with them into their teenage years and even adulthood.

By age 13: Aside from wisdom teeth, all of your child’s teeth should be in place by the time they reach age 13. By now, children should be making visits to their Overland Park dentist twice a year for cleanings and to monitor proper development of teeth and gums.

Teenage years: As they head into their teens, kids become much more conscious of their appearance, which may include the need for teeth whitening or other interventions. As kids take up sports, either at school or as extracurricular activities, mouthguards become an important safety consideration.

From ages 20-40: Once you’re out on your own, it can be easy to let good oral care habits slide. After all, there’s no one around to remind you to brush or to go see your dentist. It’s important to keep going, however, to monitor for everything from cavities to gingivitis to early warning signs of oral cancer. Plus, once you start a family of your own, you’ll be setting a good example for your kids.

Age 60 and up: We know that children are prone to cavities, but many of us are unaware that older adults are, too. A leading cause of cavities as you get older is dry mouth, which often comes with aging. It can, however, also be a side effect of medications, so it’s always a good idea to let your dentist know about any concerns you might have.

At every stage of your life, the best things that you can do for your overall dental health are to brush and floss daily, eat a healthy diet, and make regular visits to see your Overland Park dentist! Call Watts Family Dental at (913) 338-3384 to schedule an appointment today!

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