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Teeth Whitening Can Make a Lasting Impact

Teeth whitening provides benefits for everyone. As we see tooth whitening technology becoming more available, more people than ever consider it to be an important part of their smile. Many people strive to have that perfect smile and follow the most stringent oral hygiene practices to control it. But even with the best practices, brushing alone may not prevent staining that occurs with certain food and drink consumption, as well as lifestyle choices. 

Teeth can become discolored for many different reasons. Frequent tea and coffee drinking, smoking, heavy blueberry consumption and genetic conditions all contribute to discoloration or staining of the teeth. That’s where Watts Family Dental, your friendly Overland Park Family Practice, comes in. In addition to caring for the health of your teeth and gums, Watts Family Dental cares about the cosmetic desires of every patient. Perhaps you feel a lack of self-confidence due to the discoloration of your teeth—or perhaps you feel that no matter how much you brush your teeth they still look stained and dark. That’s why Watts Family Dental offers its patients one of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments: teeth whitening

Although there are many brands of at-home teeth whitening kits, they cannot always be relied upon for specific bleaching needs. The outcome often results in overly bright teeth, or the results lack consistency across all teeth. At Watts Family Dental our in-house treatments are tailored to our patients’ needs. Our ZOOM whitening process uses variable settings so that treatments can be modified for each patient’s preferred outcome. ZOOM also utilizes desensitizing technology that reduces sensitivity and safeguards your tooth enamel. 

Having a great smile is a real confidence booster, especially if you have a career that requires you frequently speak with people, or if you are about to be interviewed for a new job. People with discolored teeth often want to obscure their smile, but often, that makes it seem like you have something to hide when you’re interacting with potential employers or current clients. A procedure as simple as whitening your teeth can improve your outlook, create more confidence during social encounters, or just the simple act of smiling. If you are tired of dealing with stained teeth, come in today to talk with Dr. Watts team about a whitening program that will benefit you. Your Overland Park Family Dental Practice is always happy to talk you through any procedure at any time. 

This article brought to you by Watts Family Dental, your friendly Overland Park Dentist. We’re committed to healthy smiles for the whole family. Please call (913) 338-3384 or visit our Overland Park, Kansas office. You may also send an email direct to at any time.

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