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Summertime Sports Essentials for Parents Who Worry About Their Kids’ Teeth | Overland Park Family Dentist

Your Overland Park dentist has written extensively about the importance of mouthguards to protect your children’s teeth when they’re playing sports. However, it’s an important topic, and it bears repeating as the weather warms up and summertime sports season kicks into gear.

Many sports require shin guards, helmets, and other protective equipment, but as painful as it can be to get kicked in the shins by a fellow soccer player, few things are worse than a dental injury on the field. It can hurt in the moment and potentially cause lasting damage to your child’s teeth and jaw. If you’re unsure of what to look for when shopping for mouthguards for all your little sports heroes, just ask your Overland Park dentist. We can help you choose a mouthguard that fits correctly and will protect your kids’ smiles during the big game. And mouthguards aren’t just for kids. You’ll need one, too, if you play sports!

For more info on choosing mouthguards and why they’re so important to your athletic child’s healthy smile, just check out one of our other blogs on the subject here or here, or contact your Overland Park dentist today! We’re always happy to hear from parents who care about their child’s dental health!

Mouthguards are just one part of a good pregame for parents who have their child’s dental health in mind, though. Another thing to consider is what your little athletes eat and drink before, during, and after the game.

Soda pop and sugary sports drinks are common on the sidelines, but we know that they’re not the best way to rehydrate active bodies. Plus, all that sugar is bad for healthy teeth! Sure, there are low-calorie, low-sugar sports drink alternatives on the market, but nothing really satisfies like water. If you need something to go along with the old H2O, try low-fat milk or fruit juice. On ridiculously hot days when players crave something more than just water, reach for a beverage that is low in sugar and high in electrolytes.

How about a post-game snack? Millions of moms can’t be wrong about orange slices, and your friendly Overland Park family dentist couldn’t agree more! Oranges are a great hot-weather snack, packed with vitamin C and good for growing bodies.

Also recommended: Whole-wheat pretzels, whole-grain granola bars that are low in sugar, bananas, squeezable applesauce, frozen yogurt bites, low-fat cheese-and-veggie roll-ups, and almonds. Serve these up with cut carrot sticks or apple slices. Carrots and apples are “nature’s tooth brush” and can actually help clean your kids’ teeth of particles left behind by other food.

Summer can be a busy time of year, filled with backyard cookouts, summer sports, family vacations, and lots more. No matter how busy you get with soccer practice, fishing trips, and lawncare, though, be sure to bring all your family members in for regular visits to your Overland Park dentist! If you haven’t already scheduled your next check-ups, call Watts Family Dental at (913) 338-3384 today!

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