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Show Plaque Who’s the Boss. Learn to Floss Like a Pro! | Overland Park Family Dentist

We all know that plaque is bad for us, right? It can lead to cavities as well as other periodontal problems like gingivitis. And we all know what to do about plaque, too, right? Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss regularly, and see your Overland Park dentist! It’s that middle one that throws a lot of people, but fortunately you can not only show plaque who’s boss but also improve your flossing experience by learning how to floss like a pro!

Flossing benefits your teeth, smile, and appearance, and it can really take plaque to the mat. For best results, wind about 18 inches of floss around each middle finger, leaving yourself a couple of inches of floss to work with. Then slide the floss between your teeth with a gentle rubbing motion. Never force or snap floss, as this can cut your gums.

But chances are you already know how to floss, it’s just doing it at all that’s the trouble. So here are some tips on how to floss on the road or at the office! The next time there’s some kind of bagel-catered lunch, sneak out afterward to floss the poppy seeds from your pearly whites. Remember that flossing isn’t just about removing food that gets stuck between your teeth, though! It’s important to floss even if there isn’t any food in your teeth, in order to remove plaque.

One of the best ways to floss regularly is to make it as easy on yourself as possible. Keep some extra floss, dental picks, or pre-threaded flossers in your pocket, wallet, or purse so that you’ve always got one handy. Floss when you head to the restroom to freshen up, after dinner on the town, or before that big board meeting. Flossing will leave your mouth feeling clean and your smile confident!

Think of it like you would any other part of your health or fitness. Maybe you walk or jog on your lunch break, or maybe you stop by the gym on your way home from work. Whatever you do, chances are you’ve found a way to make it convenient for yourself, to make it a part of your daily routine. Flossing is just as important to your health as any other part of your fitness regimen, and if you want to floss like a champ, the most important thing is to find a way to do it regularly.

And like any other part of your fitness routine, there’s all kinds of cool flossing gear for your kit that can make flossing more effective and more fun! You don’t have to stick with good old cinnamon dental floss—there are dental picks, pre-threaded flossers, water picks, or even the new Philips Sonicare Airfloss, which combines the design of a water pick with bursts of air that help to clean between your teeth!

If you want to up your flossing game, you can always ask your friendly Overland Park dentist and grand master flossing expert Dr. Watts for some sage advice, tips, and tricks that’ll take your flossing to the next level at Watts Family Dental in Overland Park, Kansas! If you’d like an appointment just call (913) 338-3384 or fill out our quick and easy online contact form

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