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I Take Great Care of My Teeth, So I Don’t Need to See My Dentist Regularly, Right? | Overland Park Family Dentist

Wrong. Even if you take great care of your teeth, there are lots of important reasons to see your friendly Overland Park family dentist regularly! Even though you may be a world-class tooth brusher (good for you!) and your flossing game is seriously on point (even better) and you have the brightest, whitest smile around, you still need to see your dentist at least a couple of times a year.

Why? Your family dentist can help identify things that may be impacting your teeth that you will never be able to spot without the proper training and technology. Plus, no matter how good your brushing game may be, it can’t beat a professional teeth cleaning.

Teeth cleanings and cavity checks are just part of what your dentist does.

It’s true. Your dentist may clean your teeth, check for cavities, and tell you to floss more, but he or she also does a lot of other things that you simply can’t replicate at home, including oral health screenings of your whole mouth. Your dentist will examine your lips, gums, and tongue to check for oral diseases and other problems such as abscesses or trauma. These screenings can catch serious problems way before they start, giving you a good chance to take care of them before they lead to something worse.

Regular dental check-ups aren’t even just about your oral health.

It turns out that seeing your Overland Park family dentist regularly can help your overall health, too. Your dentist is able to catch early warning signs and symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, lupus, and diabetes. Your dentist can then make suggestions about what you should do next and can give you information to bring to your family doctor to make sure everything is taken care of properly!

Most important, your dentist can catch problems early.

Whether your dentist is spotting tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses, or even systemic problems such as diabetes, one of the keys to successful treatment is catching a problem early. Regular dental check-ups give your family dentist the opportunity to detect these problems when they’re most treatable so that you have the best prognosis for a healthy future. Plus, if your dentist sees your regularly, he or she is more likely to notice if something is different from normal, and spot minor warning signs.

Of course, there’s also the fact that we just like to see our patients. We love to see you smile, and we want to hear all about your brushing and flossing routine! We also feel better when we can make sure everything else is okay, and so will you. Bring us those pearly whites, ask us any questions you might have, and tell us what’s on your mind. We’ll work together to help keep your smile as happy and healthy as possible!

In the meantime, keep brushing and flossing and be sure to schedule regular visits to see your Overland Park family dentist! Just call Watts Family Dental at (913) 338-3384 to schedule an appointment or chat with a member of our friendly staff today! We want to see you!

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