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How to Know When You Need Emergency Dental Care | Overland Park Family Dentist

Nobody likes to think about dental emergencies, especially when they happen to a child or other family member in your care. It’s even more difficult to consider dental emergencies in a time when you think you may not have easy access to dental services. But that is precisely the time when it’s most important to be aware of your options in a dental emergency. Even though it’s a difficult subject, let’s talk a little about the signs and symptoms of dental emergencies and how to know when you should pick up the phone and call your Overland Park dentist about emergency dental care.

There’s a difference between an aggravating or even painful situation and a genuine emergency. A real emergency will usually get substantially worse or can cause lasting damage if it isn’t treated right away. Simple toothaches, a lost or broken retainer, signs of a cavity, broken crowns, and missing fillings are serious situations, sure, and they would normally warrant a trip to see your Overland Park dentist, but they aren’t necessarily emergencies.

Many patients are often unsure whether their situation is severe enough to necessitate a trip to the dentist right away. Here are a few of the signs that indicate serious dental emergencies that you should definitely share with Watts Family Dental as soon as possible:

Severe tooth damage – While small chips or cracks may be able to wait for regular office hours, if you experience a significant fracture to one of your teeth, that’s a dental emergency, to be sure.

Tooth loss – Permanent teeth are called “permanent” for a reason, after all. They’re supposed to stick around. If you do lose one of your permanent teeth, however, you may be able to save it with quick thinking and prompt care. Follow these steps to save the tooth and bring it to your Overland Park dentist as soon as possible!

A persistent toothache – Toothaches are never any fun, but some are worse than others. If you experience a toothache or tooth sensitivity that worsens over time, it could be an indication of an infection that could be very serious if not treated. Contact Watts Family Dental right away!

Painful swelling – Infections such as abscesses can cause painful swelling in your jaw, gums, or elsewhere in your mouth. This is usually a sign of a serious underlying condition, and it should be treated as soon as possible.

One thing that has happened to all of us at one time or another is biting our lip or tongue. Maybe it happens during a fall or simply when we’re chewing. These bites, though painful, are usually no big deal, but if it continues to bleed or cause other problems, you should call your dentist right away.

There is no better time than the present to take good care of your teeth and watch what you eat. And, of course, in the event of an emergency, call Watts Family Dental at (913) 338-3384! Your Overland Park dentist will be answering phones during regular business hours and available for emergencies 24 hours a day!

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