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7 Beneficial Home Dental Care Changes You Can Make Any Time of the Year | Overland Park Family Dentist

We tend to think of starting new habits and making changes to our life as something that we do at the beginning of each year. But change can come anytime, and the perfect day to start something new and beneficial for your health (and the health of your whole family) is always today—whether that’s New Year’s Day, the start of summer, your birthday, or whenever!

Here are seven Overland Park dentist-approved home dental care changes that you can make any time. There’s no time like the present!

  1. Go easy on the lemon juice. Lots of people like to add a little lemon to their water or use lemon juice as a base for a diet cleanse. A little lemon juice is okay, emphasis on the “little.” Too much, on the other hand, can damage the enamel of your teeth.
  2. Don’t rush to brush your teeth. Sounds weird, right? But the protective enamel on your teeth is at its softest right after you eat, so brushing right away can put your teeth at risk. Try waiting at least half an hour. In the meantime, you can rinse with water or chew some sugarless gum to help get rid of food particles, harmful sugars, and acids.
  3. Go easy on your teeth when you do brush. Brushing too hard can not only damage the enamel of your teeth, it can lead to bleeding and painful gum tissue. Use an ADA-approved toothbrush with soft bristles and only brush for two or three minutes at a time.
  4. Talk to your dentist about your medications. Dental health is about more than just brushing and flossing and regular trips to your Overland Park dentist. Prescription medications that you take for other reasons can affect your oral health, especially if they cause dry mouth and other symptoms. Tell your dentist about any medication changes since the last time you were in.
  5. Brush your teeth before bed. Your dentist recommends that you brush at least twice a day, and the best times to do that are before you go to sleep and when you first get up. Brushing your teeth before bed gets rid of the germs and plaque that have accumulated throughout the day and keeps them from doing their dirty work while you’re asleep.
  6. Don’t forget to brush your tongue! Not only will doing this improve your breath and make your mouth feel cleaner, it can get rid of plaque that builds up on the tongue and leads to serious oral health problems.
  7. Ditch the tobacco habit. Whether it’s smoking or chewing, tobacco does more than just cause tooth discoloration. It also puts you at higher risk for gum disease and oral cancers. If you can’t kick the habit alone, get help.

When you get right down to it, your life is essentially the sum of all your habits, so today is the perfect day to start some new ones that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Watts Family Dental is here to help!

Of course, one of the most important dental health habits you can have is making regular visits to your Overland Park dentist! Just give us a call at (913) 338-3384 to schedule your next appointment!

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